Freezing For Cherry Blossoms

Posted date:  May 19, 2008
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Last year (2007) I took advantage of our proximity to DC and participated in a Washington Photo Safari’s Workshop for the Cherry Blossoms at dawn. I arrived early on a very COLD morning and had a chance to wander the monuments of DC before dawn. There’s something very quiet and serene at that time. It came through in the photos.

The workshop ended up being a good education during which I didn’t get any good pictures of the blossoms. The problem was that peak flowers passed very suddenly and right before the workshop. The trees had flowers but they were not the best.  Regardless I enjoyed the morning.

Towards the end of the workshop however we took some time to shoot the Tulip library. This is an area near the tidal basin where dozens of different varieties of Tulips are planted each year. While lying in the dirt I took my best picture of the Washington Monument.

But fate had one more picture left for me. As I was walking back to my car on the other side of the tidal basin I saw another walker admiring the view. One quick picture and the morning was captured.

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