Galleries Are Now Working

Posted date:  May 12, 2008
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The galleries from the old design are now working. While I am going to continue improving them they are already better than on the old web site.

At the end of the day the solution was very simple for making Lightroom work with WordPress. Don’t integrate them, just embed the Lightroom output. My gallery pages consist of an inline frame sized to fit the gallery output. Simple often works best. All the coolness comes from Lightroom because I used Turning Gate’s TTG Shadowbox template with titles and other stuff turned off.

Stay tuned for new galleries although I make no promises about when they will appear.


Update: PicLens doesn’t want to work with the galleries. Might be a Lightroom problem.

Update2: PicLens is now working if you have the plug-in installed. I found PicLens Plus, a version of the WordPress plugin by Shack Dougall that addresses the problem with embedded images.

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