Posted date:  May 10, 2008

Those of you who followed AginPhotography in the old design know that updates have been few and far between. I had no way of telling stories or making small updates. By adding this blog I am able to add postings in a very small amount of time. Some will be about photos I have taken, others will be my thoughts on different aspects of photography. Still others will have a personal nature although I plan to create a separate website for that. All will be from the perspective of the photography amateur.

My daughter playing dress-up

As I add to this blog I will be balancing many priorities for my time and the picture above shows two of the biggest. My daughter and wife. Given everything else in life I am aiming to average at least one post per week. Some weeks will be more and some less. As long as this blog provides me an avenue to show my photos and tell my stories I’ll be happy.

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I like the black background. It makes everything “pop.” Nice.

I have a problem with you calling yourself a “photography amateur”!!! Just because it’s not your career, doesn’t make you an amateur… :-)

what a cutie!
great blog…

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