I started my web site primarily to display some galleries of photos I have taken over the years. Using Adobe Lightroom made it very easy to create the galleries but required me to make large galleries with multiple photos. I realized I wanted a way to post small numbers of photos. A blog made sense.

I quickly decided that I could use WordPress to build the blog. As I started using WordPress I realized that it should be the engine for my entire web site, hence a complete redesign within 24 hours.

As you will notice the galleries are not yet working. I need to experiment with the best way of embedding a Web Gallery from Lightroom within WordPress. Any ideas would be welcome.

One feature I’m looking forward to having used is the comments. Please use them so I know that someone is looking at my website.

Hidden Behind the Camera As Usual

Life is too short to be running from home to work to home to work…

We all need a way to express ourselves and capture the beauty
in our lives, I channel these efforts through a camera lens.

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Nice update. I need to change mine but I’m not sure where to begin.

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