While My Wife Slept

Posted date:  May 15, 2008

Part of the reason I started this blog was to post my pictures and tell the stories behind them. This is the first of I hope many such postings.

Our Trip Through Southern UtahIn September 2004 my wife and I took a trip through southern Utah and northern Arizona. We started in Las Vegas and drove to Grand Junction, CO. But we didn’t go straight, we visited places that are just incredible. We hiked down a slot canyon into Zion National Park, visited Bryce Canyon, drove through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, saw the Grand Canyon north rim, boated on Lake Powell, gaped at Monument Valley, Canyonlands and Arches National Park. It was quite the trip and I took photos the entire time.

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Near the end of the trip my wife just wanted a day to sleep in and I wanted to shoot at sunrise. So she stayed in Moab while I went to Mesa Arch. We had gone out the previous morning with a local photographer but I wasn’t satisfied with the pictures (I’m still not). A comment to professionals who may read this posting, just because you’re bored going to the same places all the time for sunrise, your clients may have never been there and deserve the best spot. Other than his choice of sunrise location he was a wonderful guide.

But let’s get back to my story. I drove out to Canyonlands in the dark and walked the short hike to Mesa Arch. There was already a photographer there with a better setup than me and a professional guide. I thought I remembered where the sun would be rising from the previous day and just assumed the other photographer was shooting for a different angle (turns out he was shooting for the glow on the bottom of the arch). So the sun rose and I clicked away but realized I wasn’t getting the shot I wanted. I was out of time so I started moving the tripod around, looking for the right shot. The picture below was well after dawn but it captures the moment.

Mesa Arch At Sunrise

I had not been to the site before but some places are so beautiful it’s easy to get great pictures. Moving to the side gave me a chance to shoot the underside of the arch and it is quite a sight.

A View Of Mesa Arch At Sunrise


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