Georgetown Photowalk

Posted date:  June 3, 2008
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Sunday was a beautiful day for taking pictures. Warm, but not too warm. Sunny, but with clouds in the sky. A free day after my wife was away all week and I had our daughter all to myself. The timing was perfect for Jeff Revell‘s photowalk in Georgetown.

For those who don’t know what a photowalk is Jeff wrote a pretty good explanation here. In a nutshell it’s a bunch of photographers gathering in a place and taking pictures while walking and socializing. Fun.

This particular walk was in Georgetown and started with us all meeting under the Whitehurst Freeway and then walking along the C&O canal. On the back streets and along the canal there a thousand little details that make great pictures. There were also tourists who were confused by our presence. Was a politician jogging on the trail? Was it a Flickr meetup? I love it when you take a picture and three other people suddenly appear to take the same picture.

I have to commend Jeff for his intricate planning so that we would arrive at one of the canal locks at the same time the park service boat ride was transiting. Great to watch and shoot, especially since the crew dresses in period clothes.

Turning left we headed up to M Street which was teeming with people and traffic. A typical Sunday midday. I confess that I avoid Georgetown because the traffic and crowds are so bad. Walking back towards the Key Bridge I stayed on the shady side of the street, found lots of architectural details to photograph and a couple of us even got kicked out of the Lush store for taking pictures. Their soaps are so colorful they just screamed to be photographed. We then got to see a truck double parked on M Street in the middle of the day with the driver clearly not caring that he was making bad traffic worst.

After taking a detour through Cady’s Alley we ended up at the Philadelphia Cheesecake Factory. We got lunch some of the group went across the street to the park. I had to wait. Not only did I somehow end up near the end of the line to order but they seem to take a little longer making my food. By the time I got to the park everyone else was done eating :(

We finished up our walk by returning to where we started and taking a group photo. We lost a few people along the way but overall everyone had a good time.

More of my pictures can been seen on my gallery page and the walk’s Flickr group.

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