I’m Taking Another BetterPhoto Class

Posted date:  July 22, 2008
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I mentioned previously that I had taken a course in the past through BetterPhoto.com. I decided to take another course and decided on Eight Steps to More Dramatic Photography with Jim Zuckerman. We’re now in the fourth week and while I have found the course material good I have been disappointed with the level of class interaction. There is none and I seem to be the only person submitting assignments.

The first week was about finding a great subject and my initial pictures were not that great overall. I was focusing too much on the class subject and forgot all the other elements of making a good picture. After Jim’s critiques I tried another picture of the same type of subject and am very happy with the results.

The second week the lesson addressed picture backgrounds and how they are a key element that is often overlooked.  Nobody likes a tree coming out of their head.  In a couple of the pictures I blurred the background out of existance.  In another I created a collage effect by photographing a regular flag in front of a giant flag and then removing the color from the back flag in Photoshop.  Jim didn’t really think that was a complimentary background but I like the way it looks.

So far I am getting some good experience out of the class but have not been thrilled with the amount of interaction with other students.  Maybe it’s how I’ve been working but I think a lot of the problem is that Jim has been somewhat slow with his critiques.  I’m not sure but I think the web site doesn’t show pictures to other students until after Jim does his critique.

Stay tuned for more as I work through the lessons.

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