Week 3 Of My Better Photo Class

Posted date:  August 6, 2008
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I am so far behind on blogging that I’m writing about week 3 while thinking about taking photos for the week 5 assignment. Maybe I’m not THAT far behind.

So week 3 was about color surprises. I had some existing pictures that I thought would be good examples but using them would defeat the purpose of taking the course. Instead I decided to combine taking pictures with our trip to Boston for a wedding.  This means I would have to use an opportunistic method of photography since we don’t heavily schedule our trips based on my photo plans and this one was about a wedding and seeing friends.

However, I did get some good pictures from the trip including the picture to the left.  This photo was taken from the pier at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art.  For those not familiar, it’s the new museum cantilevered over Boston Harbor.  There was a floating barrier and the orange of the barrier provided a nice contrast to the dull ocean.  You also got a nice contrast of textures from the ripples.

The second photo here was taken while walking along the cliffs at Newport, RI.  We had gone down to Newport after the wedding and wandered around the town and then toured The Breakers.  No photography was allowed inside the mansion so you’ll just need to go yourself.  There is also a cliff walk which is probably even better when there isn’t any haze.  But my understanding is that’s a rare day.

As we were walking along the path the was the wall of a patio.  I liked the lichen color and how it contrasted with the stone.  I also liked the geometric pattern.  Together they created something different.  I gave the lichen a color boost in Lightroom but the composition was done with the camera, no cropping tricks.

Next week in the class we covered the Classic Landscape Technique.  I had some difficulty with this one and haven’t gotten Jim’s critique yet so stay tuned.

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