The Gettysburg Photowalk Was Great

Posted date:  September 16, 2008

Sunday was the Photowalk put on by Andy Smith of Visual Realia in Gettysburg, PA. It was a great opportunity to a visit a place I had not been since childhood. Even then we toured the battlefield and didn’t really look in town.

We met in the center of town and walked to the train station. Passing an old theater along the way. I love that so many old theaters are named The Majestic. Once we reached the train station we encountered some of the more interesting old buildings of the walk since right afterward was and old building with a Gettysburg Photo sign. Lots of interest and age. That’s also when we had our first encounter with the fraternity boys. It appears that Sunday was also the end of rush week at Gettysburg College and the crowds were having fun. Lots of running and shouting.

The Seminary On Seminary RidgeNext on the walk was Gettysburg College itself. Quite the beautiful campus. Lots of older buildings with some artwork scattered around. Even the adirondack chairs were photogenic. This is where we congregated for our group photo.

Heading back into town we encountered the female side of rush week. A group of young ladies dressed in black dresses and acting very properly. Quite different from the men.

We then took a longish walk up to Seminary Ridge. Yes, our first encounter with the actual battle. A long of people decided not to walk up the hill since it was so hot.

Returning to town we walked down a street with some beautiful old houses and eventually came to a couple of churches. One was having a Mexican festival but the second was more interesting. It was old with red mortar between the stones. I thought of might have been there during civil war nut then I saw a stone with the date 1888. A man walking by told us it was the memorial church and there were memorial plaques inside. We decided to go in. Inside they were just closing up after services and they showed us the area where families had put stone in memory of loved ones who died in the battle. It’s quite a sight.

We returned to the square and the Photowalk was over.

After lunch I decided to drive around the battlefield.  Because I am familiar with that aspect of the battle I decided to start at Little Round Top.  I was amazed at how small an area thw 20th Maine occupied.  The other aspect of the battle field that struck me at the Devil’s Den is how many memorials are on the battlefield.  They’re everywhere!  You can’t blame the Park Service since they predate the whole concept of National Parks.  Despite the nearby restaurants and the highway running down the middle you can still appreciate the incredible land for a battle.

For more pictures see my Gettysburg gallery.

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