Week 4 Of My Better Photo Course

Posted date:  September 2, 2008
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Well … again I have been remiss in posting.  I would say I will try to be better but I’m probably not going to deliver.   I’m not giving up on my blog but I do need to get on a schedule.

Week 4 of my course was several weeks ago but I still remember the trouble I had.  It was about the classic landscape technique.  In a nutshell the classic technique is a beautiful landscape with a strong foreground subject.  The landscape is the canvas but they tend to be vague without a strong singular subject.

I decided in order to get the pictures for this assignment I would go up to Great Falls, MD.  It’s not the more common VA side and in retrospect that might have been better.  The problem was that there is only a single place to see the falls from MD while lots of places from VA.  This means there was no good foreground subject.  However, the MD side provides more than just the falls.  There are some islands plus the C&O canal.  At the end of the day I ended up with pictures that do not include the falls.

The picture on the left was taken right on one of the waterways below the islands.  I used a polarizer to expose the rocks below the surface but because this uses a very wide lens the polarizer could only work on part of the water.  I really like the combination of visible and mirrored water.  The sky was a different problem since the day was completely overcast.  Great soft light but I had to colorize it in this picture.

The second picture was near the park entrance.  The clouds parted a little and allowed some setting sun the come through.  I thought the change in texture added a great division and draws your eye forward to the log.

Overall I enjoyed getting out and taking pictures.  There were other shots that didn’t fit the assignment but also spoke to me.

Next up in the course … Cities At Twilight.

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