Week 5 & 6 of My BetterPhoto Course

Posted date:  September 24, 2008

Week 5 of BetterPhoto was about twilight and nighttime photography.  I decided that I should go to the National Mall for this assignment.

World War II Memorial At Night

I wondered the mall from before sunset until after it was completely dark.  Walking all the way from the museums up to the Lincoln Memorial and back is quite a long trip.  Along the way I got in some great tourist watching and enjoyed a concert by a military band.

As it got darker some of the classic images emerged. Sunset reflected in the Vietnam memorial provides the haunting feeling that you feel while there.  The other picture is at the base of the Washington Monument.  By being low and using a wide angle lens it captures the size of the structure more than any shot from a distance.  Shortly after I took this picture I was told I could not use a tripod within the ring of flags.

Overall I enjoyed going down to the Mall and shooting at night.  It’s fascinating seeing the mood of the area change as first the ball players finish their games and then the tourists drift off to dinner.  Finally there are just late roamers and photographers.

Week 6 was about taking pictures of the same subject using both a telephoto and wide angle lens.  Because I was on vacation at the beach I didn’t get a chance to do the assignment.

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Particularly love the WWII memorial shot. Nicely done!

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