Does Equipment Matter?

Posted date:  October 19, 2008

It seems there are lots people obsessed with what sort of equipment you have. There are also two schools of thought about the importance of equipment. It’s all the photographer and the equipment is important. I say it’s somewhere in between.

Better equipment only matters if the photographer can take advantage of the additional capabilities.
Let me explain.

The skill of a photographer is being able to visualize a picture and then capture it.  Obviously, some photographers are better at visualization than others.  Back before digital the visualization was even more critical because your only opportunity to see the image was days later when the film came back from processing.   But visualization is still very important.

So based on my comment you would think I believe a good photographer can use any equipment and that is not the case.  Because even if a photographer can visualize an image they still need to capture it.  And that’s where equipment matters.  A picture with a small depth of field is going to be near impossible with a point & shoot because the focal length is so short you can not get a shallow DoF.

In a previous post I mentioned I wanted the Canon 50D.  I still do and here’s why.  I am able to visualize pictures that I fail to capture.  On example is low light, low noise pictures that freeze motion without flash.  That requires better focusing, better metering and usable higher ISO.  These are all things the 50D should do better than the XTi.

The bottom line is:

Equipment matters if it allows a photographer to capture the image they visualize.

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Don’t you think it’s funny that it’s always people with better equipments (or after they’ve upgraded to better equipments) said the equipments doesn’t matter?

Well, if that’s the case, why do they upgrade then.

I’ve been shooting with my Rebel XT (350D for the past 6 years) and lately I’ve been finding myself wishing there’s ISO 3200 and above on my camera…


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