Week 7 & 8 of My BetterPhoto Course

Posted date:  October 18, 2008

I\'m TiredThis is the last post of my Better Photo course series.  I had planned to post weekly to follow my course but that didn’t happen.  No excuse!

The subject of Week 7 was capturing motion.  Trying to communication activity through a static medium.  It’s not always easy.

The pictures on this page were taken during a family vacation to Lewes Beach, DE.  My main purpose was of course to capture keepsakes of my family and friends but I also knew I had a class assignment.

The picture on the left was taken at a little amusement park in Rehobeth Beach.  They had all sorts of rides that were perfect for my daughter who’s 2½ years old.  She loved the rides but was tired from a full week of beach and fun.

The wives went off for an evening out so the Dads took the girls to the amusement park.  This was the last ride before we went to dinner and Abby was tired.  But she enjoys carousels and Daddy was right there. This picture was from on the carousel and the motion is conveyed not only by the blurred background but also the overexposure of the background.  I feel it draws you into her face.  Trust me, she was having fun.

The second photo is from one of our many visits to the beach.  Our friend Gary was having a great time in the waves.

Part of what I like about this photo is that it effectively has a two-tone, textured background.  It helps to draw your attention straight to the splash which is the real subject. I only wish I could have gotten a picture of the wave winning.

Week 8 of the course was about shooting into the sun.  I found the lesson very interesting but because of other demands on my time I was unable to shoot the assignment.  I will remember this lesson for the next time I go to shoot a sunrise or sunset.

I have a great picture of a sunset from a cruise ship that demonstrates why you need more than just the sunset.  You need some other point of interest and use the sun to enhance the beauty that is already there.

This concludes my series on the Better Photo course.  I may take another class but for general skill building I find workshops better.  What I might take with Better Photo is a class on using a flash.  That’s an area I need improvement.

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