Another Upgrade …

Posted date:  November 20, 2008
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I have been frustrated with my computer, not a new thing but I decided to take action.

My first move was to experiment with adding a second monitor in addition to my 24″ widescreen. I had a spare in the basement and moved it upstairs. It’s an older LCD and refuses to calibrate but it did get me hooked on two screens.

The second consideration was should I upgrade or buy new. I decided to upgrade the video card to see if that improved the performance in Lightroom. If it didn’t (and it didn’t) I could use the card in the next computer. Since I already had 4GB of RAM I was convinced I needed to bump the processor. At this point upgrading doesn’t make sense.

So it was off to Dell’s website to see what they have. There are pros and cons of Dell but overall they make good machines.  Looking at their choices I decided I liked the Dell Studio desktop.

Dell Studio XPSHaving decided on a model with a high-end Core2Quad processor, I started waiting for a deal. Two weeks ago I decided to pull the trigger … But that same day I got a flyer in the mail. There was a new Studio XPS desktop coming on 11/17. It used the new i7 processor and would not be an outrageous price. So I waited and on Monday put in my order.

  • Intel Core i7-920
  • 6GB DDR3 RAM
  • Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit (I’m willing to Vista a chance)
  • 20″ widescreen monitor to replace the old LCD as a second screen

Now I have to wait again. It doesn’t ship until mid-December.

One final comment. I paid with a Dell Account so there’s no interest for 12 months. I’ll pay for the computer next fall.

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