Two Wide Views Of The Inaugural

Posted date:  January 24, 2009
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Two different implementations of the same photo have caught my attention since Tuesday. They’re wide panoramics of Tuesday’s inauguration with the ability to zoom into the details.

The first is a version done by CNN using Microsoft’s Photosynth. The technology allows multiple photos from multiple viewpoints to be displayed almost immediately.  So far they have over 600 images contributing, however I find it very difficult to navigate.  “The Moment” can be viewed here.

The second is by David Bergman.  He used a Gigapan mount and stiched together 220 different images into a 1.5 Gigapixel (Yes, GIGA!) image.  It is easy to navigate and zoom into details.  I’m amazed at how many cameras were being used, even YoYo Ma got into the action.  It can be viewed on David’s website or full screen.

Overall I much prefer David’s image over CNN’s.  I just wish he could have captured more of the crowds.

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