My Camera Met My 3-Year Old

Posted date:  July 10, 2009
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Last weekend I was uploading some photos to my computer and had my Canon 50D sitting on my desk with the card door open. My 3-year old daughter decided she needed some attention and with her feet pulled the camera off my desk. Baamm!! {insert discussion with daughter here}

When I examined the camera I discovered two things. Canon makes tough cameras and the card door was bent. The camera had landed on the open door and it would not close properly. This was bad. I worked on the door a little and it now closes. Everything else about the camera appears to work properly. But that door worries me. It’s not 100% and while it is usable I need to get it replaced.

Earlier this week I called the local camera store (Penn Camera) and they told me they would need to send it out for repair and it would take at least 2 weeks. Not a good option since I need the camera for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk on the 18th. I called a different local camera store who does repairs and dropped it off there for an estimate. I got that the next day … $225 to replace the door and it would take them a week to get the parts. So I made more calls to Canon. I got two different results, one number said they had no repair costs and the other (direct call to the repair facility) said it would be ~$200, 2 weeks and would include a complete cleaning. I also got the number of a local repair location, called them and got a quote of $105 plus it would take 1 week to get the parts.

The good thing is the camera is fully functional and I can use it next weekend. But I have a decision. Do I spend more money and take longer for factory service (which will include a cleaning and complete checkup) or do I use the local repair facility and get the job done faster and cheaper.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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