Update On My Camera Repair

Posted date:  July 23, 2009

As I mentioned in an earlier post my daughter pulled my camera off my desk and damaged the CF card door. It was still usable (and I used it on last weekend’s photowalk) but it’s not right.  Prior to the weekend I received three different quotes for the repair.

  • A local photo shop that does repairs: $200 ($300 with sensor cleaning) and 1 week
  • A local authorized Canon repair facility:  $100 and 1 week
  • Canon’s regional repair center: $200 (includes full cleaning) and up to 2 weeks

I needed the camera back by early August so I evaluated the options and made my choice.  I decided to send it to Canon even though it was more expensive.  The deciding factor was not actually about the camera but about my lenses.

Two of my lenses (the 17-85mm and 70-300mm) are several years old, have never been serviced and have been banged around a little.  I’ve wanted to get them cleaned, checked and serviced for quite a while.  The problem was I would lose them for 2 weeks and the 17-85mm is my main lens.  Well, if my camera is in the shop I might as well take the opportunity to send the lenses.

Canon has received my equipment and I look forward to their evaluation.  I will post an update when I get them back.

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Comment for Update On My Camera Repair

Sorry to hear about your camera, I have 2 young kids myself and my 3yr old threw my Canon G9 out my truck window onto the driveway the day I got it so I know how that goes!

As for the repair… you’re paying $200 to have a $15 CF door installed? Yikes. The cleaning, and the lenses I understand but even the ‘local shop’ that wanted to rip you off for $100.. wow.

I own an online digital camera repair business, and I couldn’t sleep at night if I charged those prices.

It’s like the guys that charge $600 to fix your brakes on your car when the parts would cost you $50 to do it yourself. I can’t justify $550 in labor to install brake pads and rotors on a car, how can they justify $85 labor to install a CF door that will probably take 5 minutes to do?

Just my two bits worth. =)


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