On Saturday I’m off to the Worldwide Photowalk and wanted to share some of the equipment I will be carrying. I’ve had most of it for some time but one item is brand new. First the existing stuff.

  • Canon 50D
  • Canon 17-85mm (My standard lens)
  • Canon 10-22mm (Should be useful in the Building Museum)
  • Canon 70-300 DO (My telephoto)
  • Canon 430 EX II (My flash)
  • Polarizer Filters
  • Assorted cleaning do-dads
  • A small reflector (I probably won’t use)
  • All carried in my LowePro Stealth Reporter 200

So far this list is the same setup I carry most everywhere. But here’s my new item.


So why am I carrying this? Because a photowalk is no place for a full sized tripod (I’ve done it) but some method of stabilizing the camera is good to have. Beanbags are limited to finding a flat surface while the Gorillapods can wrap around poles. Of course this device has its own limits. Difficulty with vertical photos is one but since I already have an L-Bracket this issue is eliminated. The other problem is height. While it can get very, very low I will need to find a platform for higher shots.

I’m looking forward to trying it out.

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Have fun on Saturday! Let us know how the Gorillapod works for you.

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