My Experience With Canon Repair

Posted date:  August 21, 2009
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I have been remiss in updating my blog. The only partial excuse I have is that we took a vacation to Oregon and I intentionally did not mention that my house was going to be empty.

As I mentioned previously I sent my camera and lenses to Canon for repair and cleaning.  All three were returned within the two weeks quoted and went with me to Oregon.  The CF card door works just like new.  The more interesting question is if the cleaning had any impact and the answer is … not that I can detect.  I should point out that I didn’t think the lenses were dirty beforehand but was sent them as a general maintenance check.

One important thing was that the camera setting were reset.  I set things back to where I liked them but on my trip I encountered settings I hadn’t remembered.  Something to keep in mind.

My overall conclusion is that sending it to Canon was not the right choice and I should have used the local Certified repair facility.  In the future I will use them for minor repairs and general cleaning.  I will reserve Canon for major or warranty work.

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