Street Player In Athens

This weekend is the Arlington County Fair.  An annual smorgasbord of carnival rides, craft booths and unhealthy food.  I am really looking forward to spending time there with my wife and 3-year old.

Now this would not be a normal topic for this blog except that they also have competitions.  Flowers, fruit, cakes and other standard county fair type of stuff (no farm animals).  They also have a photography category.

I decided to enter several pictures (11 total) into the competition.  They have different categories for color vs. B&W; digital vs. film (interesting!); and some for extreme alterations.  They also broke out by age so adults didn’t compete against kids.  Most of mine were in the Digitally Taken, Color section for adults.  How did I do?

3 images received Honorable Mentions, 1 image came in 3rd in its class, 1 image came in 2nd in its class and 1 image WON its class.  But the biggest success was Street Player in Athens.  It was awarded Grand Champion which means it was selected as the best overall photo by an adult!

I love it!

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Wow! Congrats. Will you be publishing a coffee table book of your work soon?

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