NotAPro’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-10-11

Posted date:  October 11, 2009
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  • RT @strobist: BoingBoing farts in general direction of Ralph Lauren Lawyers: "DMCA us, and we will taunt you yet again!" #
  • Bug Fixes RT @CaliLewis: iPhone 3.1.2 update is out – #
  • RT @PennCamera: Hurry! IMAGE/PROJECT, the Arlington Art Center's juried show for photography and video. #
  • RT @LR_Melissa: RT @ashumittal: #LRTip In Library module, press Ctrl+F to directly bring up the Text Search field! #Lightroom #Adobe #
  • RT @strobist: Whoa. Adobe Photoshop has released an iPhone app — for free: #
  • RT @PhotoWalkPro: Check out this web app that let's you create a font from your own hand writing. It's pretty amazing. #
  • It was delicious #

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