First, I am not a professional photographer. I love photography but unless I win the lottery I don’t see myself giving up my career for my hobby. The beauty of the digital age is you can enjoy it and produce incredible artwork without being a professional. Thus my screen name, NotAPro.

I don’t need a darkroom or special chemicals to develop my images. Just a computer. I don’t print my photos myself. I send them to photo labs like MPIX or DotPhoto or take them down the street to Costco. I really like using Costco since they have high quality machines, low prices and publish their printer profiles.

I have had many titles during my life … student, employee, fraternity brother, engineer, Lieutenant, Captain, MBA, Manager, Son, Brother … but my most important are Husband and Father.

Me Hiking Into Zion National Park

My Photo Equipment

I tend to take my pictures as part of larger trips. Because of this I have tried to keep my photography equipment as small and light as possible. I have also tried to keep the expenses down. Sometimes my tradeoffs have worked and other times they have not.

  • Manfrotto 719B w/Replacement Column
    I have found this is not as stable as I would like. I haven’t even tried it with the 50D. I’m thinking it would work well as a stand for my flash if I put the original column back in.